We turn hope into healing


At Hands of Hope Physical Therapy, our philosophy is

“A personal investment in proper bodily movement and balance will unleash maximum physical potential.”

So that’s our mission — using our expertise to provide you with exceptional care and the opportunity to heal and recover in a compassionate environment.

What sets us apart?

Hands of Hope physical therapy, massage therapy and sports medicine clinic in Brooklyn & Queens

We are results-oriented.

You came to Hands of Hope because you expect progress, and you deserve hope. That’s why we focus on results.
Our ultimate goal is your health and recovery.

Hands of Hope physical therapy, massage therapy and sports medicine clinic in Brooklyn & Queens

We have superior care
and cutting-edge resources.

Hands of Hope not only operates with the highest set of standards in patient care and results, but we also use modern, cutting-edge treatments and equipment that you won’t find in other New York physical therapy practices.

Hands of Hope physical therapy, massage therapy and sports medicine clinic in Brooklyn & Queens

We treat our patients like
we would want to be treated.

We’re all about the golden rule. We treat our patients with care, compassion, and respect. We want you to feel at home with us — your health is our goal, and we’re working on the same team.

Hands of Hope physical therapy, massage therapy and sports medicine clinic in Brooklyn & Queens

We’re not afraid of a challenge.

Many patients come to Hands of Hope because they haven’t found success with other treatments and recovery options. If you’re frustrated with your recovery process or feeling like you’re running out of options, Hands of Hope is ready to approach your rehabilitation with creativity and cutting-edge solutions.

Motaz Ebeido, Chief executive officer DPT with Hands of Hope physical therapy

Motaz Ebeido

Chief executive officer DPT

Dr. Motaz Ebeido, and his physical therapy specialists are skilled in manual therapy techniques and use the most current, evidence-based practice to help restore function, heal sports injuries, treat cancer related fatigue and eliminate any type of knee, back, shoulder and neck pain.

Mahmoud Shalaby, Director of Operations with Hands of Hope physical therapy

Mahmoud Shalaby

Director of Operations

Mahmoud is an experienced, licensed physical therapist with BS in Physical Therapy from Cairo University, an MS in Exercise and Sports Science from Brooklyn College, and a Doctorate degree from Touro College. Mahmoud has been working as a Physical Therapist since 2010 and currently oversees planning, supervision, and client satisfaction at Hands of Hope.

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Moamen Hassanen

Physical Therapist
Moamen holds a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Physical Therapy from Cairo University. He’s a licensed Physical Therapist with experience in outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation, specializing in orthopedic, neurological, and pediatric cases. Moamen resides in Brooklyn and is fluent in English and Arabic.
Vinyo Nubuke with Hands of Hope physical therapy

Vinyo Nubuke

Physical Therapy Aide

After studying Biology and Physiology at the University of Lomé in Togo and working as a Medical Assistant in New York, Vinyo comes to Hands of Hope with a wide array of skills and experience. In his free time, he enjoys the strategy and intellectual challenge of chess, as well as table tennis and basketball.

Chris Sanchez with Hands of Hope

Chris Sanchez

Billing & Auditor Supervisor

Chris wears many hats at Hands of Hope as the billing & auditor supervisor. Having previously worked in retail before entering the medical industry, Chris uses his many talents to keep billing and payroll in order, work with patients to set up manageable payment plans, and assist management with any tasks they may need.

Basma Zewar with Hands of Hope

Basma Zewar

Physical Therapist

Basma earned her Physical Therapy degree from Cairo University and has over 6 years of experience in rehabilitation and outpatient therapy, designing, implementing, and supervising custom treatment plans for accident victims, medical patients, chronically disabled people, and more. Basma is fluent in Arabic and English.


Hands of Hope is a young, fast growing organization in the rehab industry, with the vision to be a pioneer in providing rehab excellence to different communities, coast-to-coast.

We represent the true American value of diversity and acceptance; creating hundreds of job opportunities while improving the health care industry. 

Our treatment philosophy is based heavily on manual modalities, patient education, and providing exercises tailored to improving the condition of the patients we have the opportunity to work with. We love working with our people, and only use methods that ensure the best quality of care with them. Due to our drive for excellence, we are rapidly expanding our practice throughout New York. 

HOH PT needs clinicians that are willing to help develop new programs and commit the time and effort needed to implement these new programs. The right therapist/assistant/trainer must have a strong ethical conviction and a willingness to “do whatever it takes” to ensure our patients and physicians are satisfied. Outpatient orthopedic experience is preferred but not necessary. However a bright, intuitive personality is required.

Clinical Affiliations and internships: 

Here at Hands of Hope PT we pride ourselves on being an innovative part of the healthcare industry, actively helping carry the industry forward in its standards of excellence. We have a multitude of staff members who are active clinical instructors and/or professors in physical therapy studies. To inquire about clinical affiliations, contact us below!

Not a healthcare practitioner but still looking to gain some game changing experience? We offer internships among our business administrative team, ranging from accounting and human resources, to networking and billing specialists. 

A career that keeps on giving.

  • Enjoy being part of a team that cares and a company that believes in leading with our values
  • Develop your skills with training and scholarship opportunities
  • Advance your career with specially designed career tracks
  • Be recognized and rewarded for your compassion, excellence, and reliability
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