Aqua Therapy is effective in rebuilding muscle memory - Hands of Hope, NYC

Aqua Therapy



Aqua therapy is considered one of the most effective methods in rebuilding muscle memory. Because the resistance and viscosity of water directs the patient to move slowly, it allows the brain to process the order of movement and rebuild the muscle properly, making aqua therapy a pioneering intervention in treating neurological or neuromuscular conditions such  as stroke or radiculopathy. 

Beside stimulating the muscle, the pressure of the water around the entire body promotes relaxation and improves circulatory function, which is great for anyone with cardiovascular impairments, renal impairments, diabetes, Raynaud’s disease or other circulatory impairments.

Aqua therapy also provides the benefit of working against resistance with less force and stress put on the joints of the body, making aqua therapy a great intervention for those with herniated discs, pinched nerves, and osteoarthritis.

Properties of Water Therapy

  • Buoyancy- acts as a force that combats the effects of gravity, resulting in reduced load stress put on the joints up to 90%, while facilitating joint traction, pain reduction and increased ROM
  • Viscoscity- increased surface area of water to the body increases the resistance, improves strength and provides a safe environment for challenging balance
  • Hydrostatic pressure- which is resistance that increases the farther under water we go, and improves cardiovascular function, blood pressure, circulation and sensory output
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