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Apos Therapy



Now there’s a drug-free, non-invasive treatment

AposTherapy® is a clinically-proven, personalized treatment that eases pressure on your joints and corrects your walking patterns, with just one hour a day.

Your body gets better by learning

AposTherapy® shoes stimulate and retrain your muscles as you walk. Your body can then adopt a healthier, comfortable walking style – even when you’re not wearing the shoes.

No need to change your  routine

AposTherapy® shoes go wherever you go, transforming your ordinary activities into a positive, comfortable rehabilitation process.
Rather than adjusting your life to therapy, this is therapy that adapts itself to you.


Now for Healthfirst patients, Hands of Hope Physical Therapy is at your doorsteps!

Considering the current state we are offering this at home service for a safer and much easier way to receive your therapy and keep track of your progress at home.

You won’t have to come into our offices at all, Our certified professionals will take care of your evaluation and progress at home.

If you’re unable to leave the house to attend physical therapy or you prefer at home service. Schedule an appointment now!

How it Works

  • Assessment: Your Apos Trained Provider (ATP) will perform an in-depth assessment of your movement patterns, the root causes of your pain, and the best corrective treatment. This includes computerized gait analysis, pain, joint function, and quality of life questionnaires; and an examination and interview.
  • Custom fitting: Once your precise condition has been diagnosed, your provider will put together a unique pair of AposTherapy® shoes, calibrated to your specific needs, using Apos’s unique line of Pod sole attachments.
  • Home treatment: Treatment with AposTherapy® blends into your daily life. Wearing the shoes for about an hour a day, you can simply go about your regular schedule. The shoes will correct your movement patterns, relieving stress on the a"ected areas, and teaching your body to adopt better patterns
  • Ongoing pain and function monitoring: To ensure optimal results, AposTherapy® is a monitored, dynamic process. This includes follow-up consultations and phone check-ups to monitor the progress of your pain relief and function levels. Whenever necessary, the shoes are recalibrated
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