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What Is

Neufit is a technology that KILLS PAIN in minutes. You call it the genie of recovery!  Because it uses electrical stimulation and heat therapy to manage your pain, whether it’s post-injury or chronic pain.

The device uses a combination of electrical stimulation and heat therapy to target pain and promotes healing. Electrical stimulation can help to reduce pain and improve muscle function, while heat therapy can help to increase blood flow and promote healing.

What Makes
NeuFit Different?

Looking for fast relief from pain? Neufit Technology is the solution!  90% of our patients have reported a decrease in pain from a level of 7 to a more manageable 2 or 3 during a single session.

With over 90% of patients reporting improvement in just 15 minutes of therapy, Neufit is the answer to a quick and effective pain Reliever. 

Also, Neufit’s devices are non-invasive, which means that they do not involve any surgery or injections.

Benefits Of Using

NeuFit Technology: